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Consumed by Grace

*Grace:  mercy; clemency; pardon *Consuming:  strongly and urgently felt This is my desire. Because of HIS GREAT MERCY (He does not give me the punishment I deserve), I want to serve Him in a way that honors […]


“Plunging deeper into faith can mean swimming in some choppy waters. Our fallen world is filled with storms and difficulties. But deepening discipleship involves a deepening of our commitment to the Lord […]

Bring it On!

This is a post I wrote for http://contagiousjoy4him.com/ Abraham Lincoln said: “He never asked us to do something great.” (After being asked, “What did you think of the sermon, Mr. President?”) Paul said, […]

Scripture Challenge: Numbers

In case you missed the last post and you are following my Scripture Challenge @  https://wateringcanblog.com/2013/05/06/scripture-challenge-a-verse-from-every-book-in-the-bible/ Here’s the verse we are memorizing for the Book of Numbers: If you are trying this […]