When Somebody “Busts Your Bubble”…

What do you do?
Do you…


Throw a fit?

Lash out?

Stomp and pout?

It happens.  Sometimes intentional and other times not so much.  Maybe not at all intentional, but still just as painful.


This one wasn’t so much painful for me, just sobering.  AND, this one was completely unintentional, I’m sure of it.

“I don’t understand why people even DO Facebook and other social media outlets.  It seems to me like it’s all about people bragging about what they have, what they know or who they know.”

I’m not writing this to lash out at those that are anti-social media.  What I really want is for my readers to understand why I haven’t been writing lately–because I’m seriously pondering my own motives.

This blog has been an incredible outlet for me, but I never want to come across as prideful or arrogant.  I am a sinner saved by God’s grace.  I am nothing without Him.  That said, I AM very grateful for all that God has blessed me with and will not be ashamed of my relationship with Him or the things that He is teaching me.

Instead, just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not to please men, but rather God, who examines our hearts.

I’ve never been comfortable speaking in front of people, but when I write, I never know who will read it.  I take very seriously the words I choose.  I LOVE that I have connected with people all over the world that I will never meet.

This is a personal blog.  No one has to read it, but I’m thankful for those that are encouraged by it– that it hasn’t just been about me.

As I said in the post, Time to Explain Myself, my goal is to share truth, encouragement and hope–and a little bit of myself.

I guess what I’m asking is, will you trust my heart?

You may not know me, but give me a chance.  I’d love to help you see that a life that is fully committed to following Jesus is a life worth living.

When someone busts my bubble, I’m going to probably get offended at first, but my desire is that I would choose to examine my heart and motives, to see if there is any false way in me.

AND SO… my writing days aren’t over, my heart is tender, and I’m trusting the Lord to lead me.

1-12-clock face


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