Consumed by Grace

*Grace:  mercy; clemency; pardon


*Consuming:  strongly and urgently felt

This is my desire.


(He does not give me the punishment I deserve),

I want to serve Him in a way that honors Him:

 respectfully and in awe of my creator;

for my God is faithful:

He makes His presence powerfully known

to those who seek Him. 

I can scarcely grasp how amazing this grace is–and I could never do enough to deserve this life-line that I’ve been given.

Still, I plan to “hold on” til He returns or calls me home…

Let’s not allow our circumstances to determine our thankfulness.

If God did nothing else for me,

“It is enough.

His Grace is Enough for me.”



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  1. I had decided to sing “In Christ Alone” for FCA worship tomorrow morning….ten minutes before reading this…I don’t believe in coincidence. 🙂


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