“Plunging deeper into faith can mean swimming in some choppy waters. Our fallen world is filled with storms and difficulties. But deepening discipleship involves a deepening of our commitment to the Lord regardless of circumstances or comfort.”


“Our focal verse is Job’s affirmation that his decision was not based on circumstances.  He would follow the Lord wherever that led; even if that should lead to the grave.

…Plunging deeper into faith means our faith remains even when the waters we swim in are no longer calm.  It means we trust the Lord when things are good, and we trust Him when things are bad

…So come what may–difficulties, loss, adversity, even death–we will hope in Him.”

~~ Excerpts from IMMERSED, 40 Days to a Deeper Faith, by Doug Munton–Day 15

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NOTE:  You might have noticed that this is my husband’s book.  We are using this devotional in our church right now and it couldn’t have been more timely–in lots of ways–but specifically this week, as we prepare to say good-bye to our children leaving for Madagascar.  God’s Word is always a source of comfort and encouragement.  I pray you will be encouraged to look to Him if you are going through a difficult time right now.  HIS PRESENCE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!


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