How Do You “Pray Without Ceasing?”

Pray Constantly

Jan Johnson, Enjoying the Presence of God, says it this way:

“The more we welcome God into our thoughts and conversations, the more we desire His presence everywhere–even in the strenuous mental or physical activity.  We alternate between focusing on God and focusing on a task until they blend together.  Our conversations and actions can become holy ground in the sense that the burning bush was for Moses–as a place of conversation with God.”

The late Keith Green expressed it in song:

Doug Munton, Immersed, puts it this way:

“Plunging deeper into faith always involves a deepening commitment to prayer. Prayer is always at the center— at the heart— of our discipleship and spiritual development. The closer our relationship with God grows, the more we want to talk with Him in prayer.” pg. 122

To Max Lucado, in his book, Before Amen:

“Max, if I take my problems to Jesus every time I have one, I am going to be talking to Jesus all day long.” (Now you are getting the point!) pg. 37

Philippians 4:6

Billy Graham, Hope for Each Day, dated January 16th:

“People deeply in love find absolute bliss simply being in each other’s presence.

In the same way, simply being in the presence of God brings us great joy.  It happens as we listen to Him speak in His Word; it happens as we pray.  But it also happens as we simply enjoy His presence–meditating on His goodness, delighting in the beauty of His creation, rejoicing in the life of a new baby or the surprise of an unexpected blessing.  The Bible says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

On this National Day of Prayer, it is good to come together to pray for our nation–but as believers, our call is to a life of prayer.

I am grateful for a God, that no matter the day, hour or circumstance, He hears–and patiently waits for those who will seek Him.

Psalm 55:17 signature

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