A Degree in Motherhood

There will be no walking across a stage to receive a diploma.

This honorary degree in the field of motherhood was bestowed on me in 1981 (the nine months before my first son was born counts!) and the real lessons began.

There was no instruction manual.

No class.

No teacher.

No book that could prepare you for this.

MOTHERHOOD: An occupation with no paycheck, but great benefits.

You jump right in and do the best you can, constantly critiquing yourself (and being critiqued by others).

Some days you are at the top of the class, and you feel like you’re on your way to a master’s degree.

Other days you give yourself an “F” and try to figure out how you can keep going even after you’ve failed.

You don’t have a choice–after all, this school of hard knocks is not for quitters.

From diapers to driver’s license, from cradle to college–there’s no turning back.

It’s full speed ahead as the hands of time steal away the moments–and you mourn for a re-do.

A chance to fix all the faux pas.

An opportunity to savor the sweet moments–and not-so-sweet ones…

To tell them the things you forgot to tell them, insist that they listen to the things you meant to say.

So you find yourself still trying to say them.

Even when you’re old and gray, because you’re still Mom.

Gratefully Called Mom

SO, I will still hover.

And worry.

And pray.


And my heart will still ache when I’m not with you,

because you stole a piece of my heart when you were born, and















Now that you have children of your own, I hope you are beginning to understand.

A mother’s job is never done.

This is a class where the learning never ceases.

The graduation ceremony never takes place. (until heaven?)

SO, I’m still learning.

Still trying to be the best that I can be.

Trusting God for wisdom and direction.

Soaking up every stage.

Treasuring the moments.

And I wouldn’t trade any of it.  Not one single day.

I have learned more in this classroom called motherhood than any book could contain, and the final chapters have yet to be written…

So we will continue to make new memories, tell old stories and revel in the moments we have together.

Blessed Beyond Measure

Thank you, Josiah, Emily, Rachel and Jarrett, for allowing me the privilege of practicing on you.

I know I wasn’t perfect, but I believe that we were perfectly made for each other.  God knew I needed you.

And to Drew, Jason, and Allison.  I love you as if you were my own–you are a gift to me, and I’m practicing on you, too.  Thank you for being patient with me as I learn this lesson.

Ashleigh, you are a joy and a delight–and I am thankful He’s brought you our way.

My greatest joy is seeing you all follow hard after God.  HE is our rock, our sustainer.

And the Giver of All Good Things:

Happy Mother’s Day to me!





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  1. I don’t even deserve those kind words! 🙂 you’re such a blessing, Vickie! I’m lucky to continue to get to know you and the wonderful family you have.


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