Let The Whole World Stand in Awe of Him

I never really caught it in the verse before, but at just the right time, the light bulb came on and I’ve a gained a new perspective…

My idea of humility before God is one of lowly posture.




A Holy God, and to come into His presence is a privilege.  We recognize His authority.

His power.

His holiness

Our sinfulness.

Undeserving, yet desperate to know Him–to be in relationship with Him.

We can worship Him anywhere, anytime, and here in Madagascar, where we have come to serve and love on missionaries and their families, we see Him at work, even in the dark.

LIght is always brightest in the dark.

Upon arrival at the Antananarivo airport, exiting the building, our weary group had travelled for over 30 hours non-stop. As we exited the building one of our teen girls became acutely aware of the night sky.

“MOM!  Look!”

The thousands upon thousands of sparkling lights covered the sky like a blanket of diamonds.

If you’ve been in the countryside and experience that feeling–you get it.


There is no bowing here.


 Creator God is here in Madagascar. With a spectacular light show.

⭐️ Vickie ⭐️

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