Looking for Direction in 2015?

We are all going somewhere.

Jane in Prague 2015

As a matter of fact, our culture is one of the fastest moving in the world.  Not only are we driven, but much of the time we are lost and don’t even realize it.

Here’s how I see it from my perspective (I just entered MILE 55):

1.  LEARN FROM YOUR PAST, BUT DON’T DWELL ON IT.  Taking stock of where you’ve been is important, but because we cannot take a u-turn and go back in this life, it stands to reason that we had better go forward with clarity and purpose, or we’ll be like the Israelites and wander aimlessly.

1-Jane our little camper girl!

2.  CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE.  We often start out on a journey with good intentions, but leave our best attitude behind.  Unpack your positive thinking, choose joy, and bring along some sunshine in your soul.


3.  REACH FORWARD.  I absolutely love it when my grandbabies reach for me.  They know what they want, and go for it.  Plan and be intentional about life.  Take that first step toward your goal–sometimes it’s the hardest, but necessary if you want to get where you’re going.

Reaching Forward

4.  TAKE SOMEONE WITH YOU.  The journey is always easier if you’re not alone.  Share your goals and ask for accountability.  Grab someone’s hand and be a friend.  We were created for fellowship with each other.  God said it’s not good that we should be alone, so make a new friend or look up an old one.

1-Jason and Jane in Prague

5.  RUN HARD AFTER GOD.  The days of casual Christianity should be placed in those bags you’re leaving behind.  Truth matters and we have got to start acting like it does.  Chasing the wind of materialism and self-pleasure will never satisfy.  Only things that last for eternity, our ultimate destination, will recharge us and motivate us to keep going.

Things That Matter


The freedom that comes from knowing Christ is not a license to live how we want.  God has designed each of us perfectly according to His plan.  It’s our job to follow the path He has designed for this incredible journey called LIFE.

Welcome, 2015!



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