Scripture Challenge: A Verse from Every Book in the Bible: GENESIS 1:1

I’ve never done well with memorization, but I can’t use my weakness as an excuse for not trying. The truth is, I’ve learned that if it’s important, I’ll remember it.  I make myself. I write it down. I dwell on it. Sometimes I lose sleep over it.
And the older I get the more desperate I have become to memorize Scripture.

The truth is, I have come to realize that it’s not about how much I can remember in my brain, but how much I store in my heart.

I teach a great group of 6th graders and I challenge them constantly with Scripture memory.  I usually provide them with a Scripture card that I have designed specifically for them based on the topic or passage we are studying.

Maybe this is a trip I’ll be taking solo, but I’ve decided to post a  Scripture Verse/Challenge from every book in the Bible.  My hope is that it will encourage some of my readers to take up the challenge of committing Scripture to heart.

If you’re on board, here’s some tangible ways to help make it easier:

1.)  Keep it in front of you.  Post it on your mirror, frig, or on your desk.

2.)  Repeat it often.  Out-loud is best, but even just saying it in your mind helps.

3.)  Look for ways to apply it.  Often the verse I’m memorizing is the very one that I need that week–or have an opportunity to share with someone.

4.)  Pray it.  God’s Word is Truth, and often scripture reminds me of God’s character, His provision or His love.  There is often no better way to prepare me to even know how to pray than when I read His Word.

It’s a big goal (for me), but I want to memorize a verse from every book in the Bible, and so if you’d like to join me, I welcome the company–and challenge you to follow along with me as I get in the practice of storing God’s Word in my heart.

Feel free to print or save the scripture on your computer or even as a screen saver on your phone!


  Verse #1:

Genesis 1.1

It may seem simple, but this is a basic truth of Christianity:  GOD CREATED THE WORLD AND EVERYTHING IN IT.

From the beginning of time man has searched for answers.  “Is there a God?”, and “How did I get here?”.  This basic premise is where it all starts.  We must hold to the truth that there is only ONE TRUE GOD and He spoke our world into existence.

Genesis is the book of beginnings.  It all starts here.  This first book of God’s Word is crucial to the rest.  We choose to believe that Creator God is, has been, and always will be.  He alone spoke the world into existence, and it is this very first chapter He has given us the answers to life’s most basic questions–and in doing so, demands a response.

Will you choose to believe?  To put your faith and trust in the One who created you and placed you in this world for a reason?  If you’ve not yet committed your life to Him, please consider reading this:   FAITH–How You Can Know You Will Go To Heaven When You Die.

We can do this!  I’d love it if you’d let me know if you’re participating… it’ll be fun to encourage each other along the way!  Please leave a comment or email me @



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