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Vickie Munton

I am passionate about my faith and my family and I blog about anything that inspires me--from scripture to do-it-yourself ideas. I love being with my family, seeing new places, photography, diy and warm weather! In everything I do and wherever I go, I long for others to see Jesus in me.

Words of Wisdom

“Strife”, “malicious talk”, “mocks”, “excessive speech”, “bribe”, “gossip”, “crude messenger”, “dispute”, “deceitful speech”… How much clearer can it be? Before you wipe your brow and say “Phew! At least I’m not on […]

Why Wisdom?

Common Sense:  plain, ordinary good judgment [] “Why do they call it common sense when it’s really not all that common?” I laughed when I heard Pastor/husband say it, maybe because the […]