Author: Vickie Munton

I am passionate about my faith and my family and I blog about anything that inspires me--from scripture to do-it-yourself ideas. I love being with my family, seeing new places, photography, diy and warm weather! In everything I do and wherever I go, I long for others to see Jesus in me.

My Funny Valentine

“Roses are red, violets are blue.  You make me smile.”   If I received a rose every single day and feasted on chocolate at night, but didn’t have you, there would be no delight. Expressions of love can come in a package but the best ones of all are wrapped in a smile. And you…

Hearts that are Puzzled

Originally posted on wateringcanblog:
Ever wonder why it sometimes seems that romance is only a fairy-tale?  Maybe it’s because we forget that in those Cinderella stories, the characters have to overcome obstacles before they arrive at their “happily ever after”. Real life.  Real stories. Two imperfect people are brought together from two different worlds, and…