These last couple of weeks have sure brought fresh perspective on this journey called life.

… and I am grateful.  Grateful for where I’ve been and where I am now.

Apparently, this bird can’t read!

If someone had very clearly marked the path that I would take, I’m pretty sure I’d be like this bird, and just ignored the signs!  We often do that, don’t we?  The words are right in front of us, yet we flit around and refuse to read them.

We spin our wheels, trying to get who knows where–and maybe we get our heart rate up a little bit, but the vicious cycle eventually catches up to us. 

Why is it so hard for us to see the danger?  Following our own path, we live in the moment, wanting the thrill, without fully measuring the consequences…

Of course there are places we shouldn’t go–but we don’t tend to like boundaries, even though they are there to keep us safe.

And others are warnings preparing us for what lies ahead.

It isn’t always a smooth ride, is it?  Or it can be mundane, and we find ourselves plodding along…

Sometimes a little TOO willing to go where we know we shouldn’t!

Signs protect us.  Many times from ourselves.

Others protect us from the enemy.  Telling us to back off and let God handle it.

I am a city girl with country roots.  Once in a while I just need to leave the concrete jungle in order to get life back in focus.  Our path doesn’t define us, but it certainly does determine where we are headed.  Choosing to ignore the signs, take the wrong path, or hitting a dead-end, are sure signs that you’re headed the wrong direction.  We all have to do a U-turn once in a while–I’m just hoping that as I get older and wiser, I will learn from my mistakes, and keep my eyes on the signs along the way.  Going our own way always leads to trouble.  Surrendering to our creator, the master GPS is a surety: GOD’S PATHWAY to SECURITY.

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.'” Isaiah 30:21

These are my signs.  Signs that I’ve posted along the way.  Signs that remind me of what’s really important:


And, of course, God’s Word is my map.

I’ve had fun capturing the images, and thinking of the signs that God puts in our lives, then reading this passage from Jeremiah sealed it in my heart.  If you were to “establish a sign post”, what would it be?  I’d love to hear from you.  Thanks for joining me on this journey–blogging is a part of the path I’ve chosen and I’m pleased to have you join me.  Thanks for stopping by!


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