Summer of Cedar

It’s only my personal opinion, but cedar trees are not the most beautiful of trees…

My husband-with-a-memory-bank-that-never-runs-out is stashed with all kinds of treasure.  He has been trying to teach me to recognize different types of trees for a long time, but is especially persistent on this adventure to the lake.  It is just beyond his comprehension that my memory bank refuses to retain the wealth of information he tries to deposit.

I have concluded that my bank is a little smaller :0) so I have to be selective about the things I choose to give space to–kind of like my closet at home–I keep only what I really need!

In spite of my inability to retain all of this useful information, he is quite persistent in his efforts–quizzing me, reminding me, and teaching me the names of these trees, along with the characteristics of the bark and leaves.  For some reason, one particular tree keeps stumping me.  Literally.

Cedar Tree

Cedar tree, Garden of the Gods, Southern Illinois

Now that I’m writing about it, surely I will never forget it again.  It may not be a particularly beautiful or memorable tree, but these are the lessons to be learned from it:

Psalm 92

The cedar tree has a rich biblical history–one that I “happened” to stumble on in the midst of this learning process.

Psalm 92: 12-15



I LOVE these verses!!  When I was struggling in my empty nest after my youngest went off to college, I came across these verses and in that moment, I was convinced God had written them just for me.

  • THRIVE like a palm tree
  • GROW like a cedar tree
  • BEAR FRUIT in old age!

What a sweet reminder at a tender moment of my life, when I was feeling more like a withering plant than a thriving, growing tree.  Those cedars of Lebanon were used for royalty–they signified power, wealth, growth, and strength.

Some of the most beautiful moments of my life have been watching our family tree grow.  As life moves forward, I’m learning to see that ol’ cedar tree in a new light–and I smile–she is more beautiful than what these fading eyes could see.

And I don’t think I shall ever forget her name now…

~~Vickie signature

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