Photographic Memories of Childhood

Vacationing in our old stomping grounds, I couldn’t help but get snapshots of the things that brought back a flood of memories…

See how many you can relate to as I take you on a photographic trip down memory lane!

I could sit in the field forever, looking for four-leafed clovers, making necklaces and bracelets that would make any diy’er proud! 😊

I ate my fair share of them as a kid, and it’s a true fact that now I only I eat bologna when the fresh tomatoes start coming in for the summer…

Seriously.. who can resist that glorious smell?!   (And, of course we pulled the stem out to eat the “honey”!)

Okay, so there seems to be a theme going here… we called these “sour clover”, because they tasted like sour pickles!

Baskets, banana seats, noisy spokes and sissy bars… WE DID HAVE the coolest bikes EVER!

And, of course,

Barefoot and Summer


It’s been raining A LOT on this vacation, but I am determined to soak up more than a little bit of water.  These flashbacks to childhood are a good reminder to value our days, make the most of our time, and make new memories.

I have so much to be thankful for–not the least of which is a wonderful childhood full of carefree days and happy times.  Does anybody out there relate to this Southern Illinois girl?  For all the times I’ve said, “I did enough camping in my early years–give me a hotel!”, I wouldn’t trade one minute of it now…


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  1. I am a Northern Illinois girl, but being a part of a big Italian-Catholic family: dad, mom, and 8 kids, we did our fair share of jumping into the family station wagon pulling the pop-up trailer and fishing boat to all sorts of remote locations in MN and Canada to enjoy the outdoors!


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