Letting Them Go–Again!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

Unashamedly, I am that Mom.  The one that has never looked forward to school starting again.

My youngest of four is starting his third year in college and I still tear up.

Jarrett @ SBU

My grandbaby is starting preschool and I’ll hold in the tears until after he’s out the door.

Nolans First Day of Preschool

My precious granddaughter is now my charge and I get emotional as I see my kids ache to leave her.

Nana's First Day with Stella

So don’t tell me to “buck up” and get over it. It’s okay for me to hurt, to cry, and ask God once again to watch over my babies.

Because the “letting go” process began for me over 30 years ago, you would think that it gets easier.

But it doesn’t… and that’s perfectly normal!

“Can a woman forget her nursing child, And not have compassion on the son of her womb?”

Sometimes in life we question why it has to be so hard. This isn’t one of them, is it Moms (and some Dads!)?? We know WHY it’s hard, now what to do with it?

  • We smile through the tears– find JOY in the moment. Treasure the transition!
  • Give THANKS– see the GOOD in it. Stay focused in what makes it an exciting time.
  • Celebrate and enjoy this new season of life– make it fun!  Treat your child AND yourself to something that would say, “This is a great day!”
  • PRAY– ask God to help you in the transition to have the right attitude and see His plan.


Whether a toddler or a teen, The Key to Letting Go is always seeing life from God’s perspective. Just as seasons change, so do these moments in our lives. They pass by quickly, so let’s not waste one moment in pouting–rather, plan ahead so when you drop off that kindergartener or college student, you will be prepared to tackle those tears with a smile on your face!

Proverbs 31

Hugs to all those Moms out there–young and old–that are going through the tissues and wondering how they can ever make it through the day!  It does get easier–until the next time!


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  1. I must be a terrible mother – I was so glad to get back to routine when the kids went back to school! Of course I give them as big of hugs as they let me when I pick them up from school (for my 7 year old daughter, that’s a huge one, for my 11 year old son, not in public). But we had a great summer making lots of memories. Thanks for your blog! Enjoy those sweet moments with your grandbaby girl.


  2. I’m right there with you! My son got married in June and I still tear up every night because he isn’t here with me. For some reason, he feels like he needs to go home to his new wife. 🙂 My middle daughter had to move back home after spending her freshman year in college away but she started local classes yesterday and I missed her so much. She was only two hours away last year and I thought I would die. I’m homeschooling my youngest daughter, a high school junior. I’m never letting her out of the house.


  3. Vicky, I know how you feel & it does hurt & I do cry every time Joey & family leave & go back to Isreal. I even cry when my grand children (Shannon) gets married. God gave us these children & we love them with every fiber of our being & as you say, they are tears of joy for all the blessings these children have been. It’s hard to say good bye but we know God will fill that void. We are very blessed to have had them for all these years. God is so good!!



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