Changing A Child’s Perspective

“Look! There’s a real farm, just like on T.V.!!”

I chuckled at the seriousness of this young man, but was amazed that it was coming from a sincere fourth grader.  Wow!

I know that kids are somewhat oblivious to their surroundings sometimes, but this one took me quite by surprise.

I may be a city girl, but have country roots, and I LOVE the flat Illinois plains and the rows of corn and beans.


I live in the suburbs of St. Louis, and one of our family’s favorite places is Eckert’s Family Farm in Belleville, IL.  We love blackberry picking until juice is running down our elbows, peaches are so ripe that they’re falling off the tree, and the fall pumpkin patch with pictures of pumpkins bigger than the kids–it’s an adventure that never disappoints.


We have all four seasons here and I love that just about the time you’re tired of one season, the next one rolls in.

Four Seasons in Illinois

Summer is almost over and it won’t be long until my hibiscus are spent and the mums will start blooming. The fireflies will be gone and the crickets quiet.  Firepits will beckon as the cool evenings set in.  The harvest will begin and the landscape will change.

God blesses the harvest

When is the last time you got the whole family in the car and took a drive in the country?  Maybe point out those silos and tell them that it won’t be long until they’re full from the harvest.  Show them a “real farm” and let them get out of the car to get up close and personal with a horse–or a cow, or a sheep.  We haven’t once had a farmer run us off because we were showing our grandchildren their animals.

Horse-in around

Remind them that milk comes a cow–not just from the store, and that there still are REAL farms… not just on T.V.!


That’s a real live “Munton” cow!


“May His glorious name be praised forever; the whole earth is filled with His glory. Amen and amen.” Psalm 72:19





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