What To Do With All That Zucchini…?

Thanks to my daughter-in-law’s sweet grandfather (who is 86 years old and keeps a GIANT garden!), I inherited this GYNORMOUS ZUCCHINI!  It measured a whopping 16 inches tall, and was about 6 inches across!  I happen to love fresh garden vegetables, and zucchini is one of those that I typically prefer just steamed or stir-fried, but you can see that this green giant was going to be more than the two of us could eat all in one sitting (or even two or three!)


I always feel guilty wasting any of these mouth-watering veggies, so I made a phone call to the one person I knew that had lots of experience using up garden vegetables:  My mother-in-law.  She has had a garden off and on for decades, and is an excellent cook, so I knew she could help me out, and sure enough, she came through!  Here are two of the recipes I tried:

1-Chocolate Zucchini Cake recipe card1-IMG_5817

Zucchini Crisp1-IMG_5822

I have to say, the zucchini really makes the cake come out moist, and this particular one is  brownie-like.

The zucchini crisp tastes a lot like apple crisp, and both are best warm and a-la-mode! (But what isn’t?!)

As a special thanks for all the veggies, I made this for my sweet daughter-in-law, who just happens to be a vegetarian!

You can download the print here.


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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I like what I’ve read here… I think we may be kindred spirits 🙂 I completely forgot about choco zucchini cake- YUMM! I’ll do it gluten free and eat it up! Thanks, Anna


    • I think you’re right! Happy to find you–love how the blogging world connects us to people we would have never met otherwise! Let me know how the gluten-free version turns out! :0)


  2. You should also make Mock apple pie. They can’t believe there isn’t any apples in it .I got the recipe and it was also for a Zucchini Crisp but I decided to make a double crust pie. It is well liked.


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