Hearts that are Puzzled

Because I am a romantic, I will be posting on love everyday this week! You might have missed this one from three years ago, so I decided to update it and share it again, since it is one my most popular posts on Pinterest.

Life Gives Us a Fairytale

Ever wonder why it sometimes seems that romance is only a fairy-tale?  Maybe it’s because we forget that in those Cinderella stories, the characters have to overcome obstacles before they arrive at their “happily ever after”.

Real life.  Real stories.

Two imperfect people are brought together from two different worlds, and we somehow think that “life will always be beautiful with you by my side.”

I know I’m starting to sound negative, but stay with me and you’ll see where I’m going with this.  There are no perfect marriages, because when two imperfect people start a life together as husband and wife, they come together with only a few pieces of the puzzle that will eventually make the beautiful portrait we call LOVE.

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  1. Vickie, God has given you a talent to express your love and insights into life. I should say into souls. Thank you and I thank the Lord for giving us the love and friendship that we have for you and Pastor.


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