Crazy is Never Too Complicated for God

It’s been a year since we unlocked the doors to our country home.

And it truly is our HOME SWEET HOME.

Fox Ridge

The story behind it is one for the Munton history books, so I am recording it for future generations and for those who have a desire to see God’s hand at work in the details…

Our search for a home in the country started many years before, and became a kind of treasure hunt.  We dreamed of living in the country with a few acres for our grandkids to run and play and space for all the clan to gather for holidays and special events.  A place to turn into a “homestead”.

A  place where the pace is slower, the sounds are quieter, and the air feels cleaner.

A little over four years ago we were driving around, as we often did, and noticed this place at the end of the road.  It was for sale, but way out of our price range.  It was at the back of a small subdivision and was hidden from the rest of the world.  Surrounded by trees and a haven for the local deer, raccoons, fox, and even bobcats, we knew that it was our first choice of all the beautiful homes in the area–this one had character.

We didn’t drive all the way in that day–just peered in from the entrance to the driveway…

Peering in

“Peering In” — caught on our deer camera 2016

…so when the house went back on the market this last year, an Open House piqued our curiosity and we jumped at the chance to get the full tour. We had no idea that this quiet curiosity and desire to live in the country was about to become a reality!

When we pulled in the driveway for the Open House and saw the name on the door, my husband said, “I think I know who lives here.” I had no sooner gotten the words “No way!” out of my mouth when a smiling home-owner-turned-salesman walked out to greet us with a, “Pastor Doug! What are you doing here?!”

Yep.  He knew them alright, and it wasn’t long before we felt like we had known them forever.  Like they were family.

And they were.

This beautiful couple had bought this home and made it special.  When they purchased it only four years before, they committed it to the Lord and used it for ministry.  When their life plan changed and they needed to sell, it just didn’t move.  A realtor had it listed first, but after the contract was up, the owner decided to try to sell it himself.  (Even this process was a means by which God provided, because by selling it outright we both saved a ton of money by not paying commission.)

These fellow believers had been praying that God would bring someone to this home that they had obviously put so much love into, and that it would continue to be used for ministry.  (Did I tell you my husband is a pastor?????!!!!!)

We knew the obstacle for us trying to buy this home would be the sale of our current home.  We had lived there for ten years and it was going to take some time to get it ready to list and sell.  We also needed it timed perfectly so we could use the sale of the house to buy this one.  Sounds crazy, right?

Crazy is never too complicated for God.

Did you get that?  “Crazy isn’t too complicated for God.”  We didn’t even list it.  We sold it.  Within days we signed a contract on the new house and also signed a contract on our old house.  For sale by owner.  No commission on either end.  And the lawyer who drew up the contracts said he had never seen such a small real estate contract. When he saw the very basic contracts we drew up between three Christian families, his response was, “Are you sure?”!.  We verbally agreed to all of the details–and a very simple sales contract handled all of the legal side.

We trusted each other.

Because we share a common faith, we are family.  We trust each other because we trust God.  Not only did we gain new friends who feel like family, living in their home is an honor–and we will always be grateful to them for their generosity, their kindness, and their love.

When I show updates that we have made to our home, please know that it is in no disrespect to the ones who lived here before–they took care of this 38-year-old home meticulously.  The updates we have made are what makes it our home.

I know that my true home will be in heaven one day, but this one is surely a gift.  Not a perfect one, but perfect for us.

And we are grateful.


“Not to us, Lord, not to us, but to Your name give glory because of Your faithful love, because of your truth.”  Psalm 115:1

Doug and Vickie

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  1. That is such an amazing story! How awesome is that!? My parents never listed the house we lived in when I was a baby. Someone walked up to the front door and basically asked to buy the house, and we ended up moving to the small beach town where I grew up!


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