Scripture Challenge: Isaiah– “Who Prayed for Rain?”

“It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…”

The storms are here, and if I had a garden (which I don’t have for this and other reasons), it would be flooded.  Washed away.

Some days I love a good storm.  I can sleep better when it rains, and other than an occasional loud clap of thunder that makes me jump, I only get nervous when the tornado warning siren goes off and I know that it’s time to take cover.  The force of these storms can instill fear into even the bravest of canines, and many a paranoid mom will banish her children to the basement in fear.

And yet… this same rain feels refreshing in August when the temperatures are hovering in the 90’s.

The difference?  Not just our attitude, really.  It is, of course, the extremities in the weather.  The power of the spring thunderstorms in our area bring high winds and tornadoes, and often knock out electricity and cause flooding.  A little too much of a good thing, but in August the storms bring new life to parched ground.

Reading in Isaiah I “just happened” to come to this verse in Chapter 58 today:

 “You will be like a well-watered garden…”

Well, if I had one, it would be well-watered today!  I love a beautiful garden.  I love watching the seedlings sprout up, the anticipation of what it will produce, and the joy of carrying a basket full of harvested vegetables.  There is absolutely nothing that can compare to the taste of a ruby-red ripe tomato still warm from the sun.

We live in Illinois where corn, wheat, and bean fields decorate our landscape.  When the spring rains come, I’m sure every farmer that has already planted his crops is holding his breath just waiting for the rain.  When we need rain, they pray.  When the rain just doesn’t let up– they pray.  The harvest is always dependent on just the right amount.  Too little–too late–too much–all have a negative effect on the final product.

Don’t you see?  God sends the rain, in His time.  Like the farmer, we are totally dependent upon the Lord to bring the rain in our life. He knows just what we need, when we need it.

Sometimes it’s a refreshing shower for our tired, worn-out soul.

Other times, the storms come and we have to choose to stand strong and face them.

And all of it–every drop–is intended for us to GROW.

He doesn’t promise to protect us from the storms of life, but He does say that He will go with us THROUGH them.  How comforting it is to know that He goes before us and walks beside us.

Did you catch these words?

I WILL ALWAYS SHOW YOU WHERE TO GO“.  When we aren’t sure of our next step, we only need look to Him for wisdom and guidance.

I WILL GIVE YOU A FULL LIFE IN THE EMPTIEST OF PLACES“.  Even when the storm has depleted and drained us, He promises life and hope.

YOU WILL BE LIKE A WELL-WATERED GARDEN“.  Well-watered.  Just what we need, when we need it.  Never too much, never too little, and never too late.

A GURGLING SPRING THAT NEVER RUNS DRY“.   I know that a spring doesn’t giggle, but that’s how I picture a gurgling stream–full of joy, full of life.

As the rain falls I am gently reminded that they won’t last forever–and getting a little wet could very well bring growth.

So, let it rain.  Ask God to use the rain to accomplish His purpose. To draw you closer to Him.

Then smile through the tears.  Remember that He is faithful.  Soak up the truth that God loves you!  He knows just what you need, and if you let Him, He will wipe your tears and be a shelter from whatever storm you’re facing.

**Isaiah was full of verses that jumped off the pages, but this one spoke to me, so I’m choosing it for my Scripture Challenge.  Learning to trust the Lord doesn’t come by osmosis.  When we let His Word soak in, the Holy Spirit will allow it to break through that rocky soil–at just the right time.

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