A Gift of The Word

Once a year we give out Bibles to our First Graders. It’s an exciting time for these young readers, and a delight to see their sweet faces as they take ownership of this new, treasured possession.  One of the young moms shared that her daughter was so excited that she couldn’t sleep the night before!  “Jesus loves me, this I know… for the Bible tells me so.”

First Grade Bibles

My heart was just about to burst as I watched their reactions to this gift of God’s Word–most of them beaming, some of them cradling the book to their chest as though they would never let it go. One little girl immediately opened it to scour the pages, while another held it gingerly as though it might break.

I know for many of them it wasn’t their first Bible, but it took me down memory lane as I thought about my first Bible and the many that followed…

My First Bible

I have gone through several over the years, underlining and highlighting and marking books and chapters as I’ve read them. I used to love getting a new Bible, but am to the point in my life now that I am the opposite–I want to use mine as long as possible because my markings are not just memories–they’re often spiritual mile markers of the places I’ve been with the Lord.

Those precious babies are just beginning to discover the treasure that’s contained in this Book, and I pray that it wears well as they explore, dive in, ponder, and hopefully, apply what they learn.

What a sweet reminder of this verse:


****One of these young readers came to tell Pastor Doug today that they had finished Genesis and were starting Exodus!


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  1. Oh Vickie! Just last week I figured out how to add your blog and Pastor Doug’s blog to my feedly page! So glad I did ā¤ļø I was missing your sweet notations on life šŸ’— (…and of course 1st Grade Bible day is a big day at our house!!)
    Wonderful job!


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