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EASY DIY: Paper Punch Book Wreath

Well… it actually started out as a DICTIONARY wreath, but after giving it a good start, I just decided it was not quite what I wanted and started over using some Christmas wrapping paper that I happen to LOVE.  So, I ripped off the dictionary pages and went to work.

This goes against my best instincts, however, since I had planned to make one that wouldn’t be seasonal (i.e. more practical), so that I could use it for a winter wreath after the holidays are over.

This is super easy, and here’s all you need:

1.  Foam wreath

2.  Foam glue

3.  Old book or Christmas paper (any paper will do, but thinner is better)

4.  Paper Punch

5. Pencil

wreath supplies

Punch the paper and use the pencil to form a “flower”by putting the pencil in the center of the circle and folding the paper around it.

Paper Christmas Wreath steps

Dip into the glue and hold for about 10 seconds.  I placed flowers all around the wreath several times, let dry, then filled in the gaps.  This is about the cheapest wreath I’ve ever made, and I am thrilled with the outcome–and because it’s so easy and inexpensive, I might just have to make the Webster version after all…

Paper Punch Christmas Wreath

Wreaths are definitely a favorite of mine, and I especially love making them.  Hope you’re inspired!


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