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Ode to a Flower [EASY DIY Flower]

True, artificial flowers could never compare to the real thing, but somehow when I am creating these, I feel “the mystery, the excitement, the awe of a flower”!

I first fell in love with these as a headband for my grandbabies:

Flower headband

DIY Pink flower headband

DIY flower headband

Then I started using them for jewelry: as a pin, attached to a necklace, bracelet or a purse–endless possibilities!

flower bracelet

A keepsake corsage for PROM:

DIY Flower corsage PROM

And… a belt for our little toddler-princess!

DIY Flower Belt

Maybe it’s the shabby chic in me, but I can’t resist finding a way to incorporate a flower…

flower pillow

This happens to be the same flower used for a corsage!

Flower Corsage

SO…. Here’s the exciting part:


You need:

  • 100% sheer polyester in any color
  • pin, barrette, or headband
  • sharp scissors
  • needle with thread to match fabric
  • candle
  • beads or jewels for center of flower

That’s it!  Cut the fabric in the size you’d like plus about an 1/4″.  Add as many layers as you’d like–

DIY flower

LIght a candle, and hold edge of fabric just slightly above the flame, being careful not to catch it on fire!  (You might want to use tweezers on the smaller circles, because it will burn you if you touch it too soon after melting.)  It will curl up and melt as you carefully turn the circle around to complete a petal.  Just as there are always imperfections in nature, there will never be a perfect duplicate–practice does help you to get your desired result, so don’t get frustrated if you mess up a few!

DIY Flower using candle

Layer the petals inside each other and tack the layers together.  Add embellishments and attach to a barrette, pin or headband… or a whatever you’d like!




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