I Assure You, I’m “OK”

Am I?  Really?  What does that even mean, anyway?  OK.  I wonder about these things sometimes…

What does “OK” even mean?  Why do we use the letters “O” and “K”?  Here’s what Webster says:


 adverb or adjective \ō-ˈkā, in assenting or agreeing also ˈō-ˌkā\

: fairly good : not very good or very bad

: acceptable or agreeable

: not ill, hurt, unhappy, etc.

BUT, where in the world did this phrase come from?  Does it even bother you that we use a slang word without even knowing what the letters “O” and “K” stand for? :0)

I’m not wired that way, so even though I’ve used “OK” my whole life, I realized that I didn’t know where it came from, so I HAD to look it up!  THANKS, GOOGLE!

1839, only survivor of a slang fad in Boston and New York c.1838-9 for abbreviations of common phrases with deliberate, jocular misspellings (cf. K.G. for “no go,” as if spelled “know go”); in this case, “oll korrect.” Further popularized by use as an election slogan by the O.K. Club, New York boosters

The answer to that question?  “Are you okay?”:

Very typically, the answer is, “Um… sure”,  “yep”, or “I’m good”, when in reality most of us mechanically answer the question in a generic fashion, quick to dismiss an honest response.

The truth is, sometimes we’re not “OK”.  We hurt, we struggle, we grieve. Sometimes we just need a hug. (Right, grandma?)

Relationships can be complicated and messy because we are humans prone to error.  (My Bible calls it “sin“!)  AND, we’re not ok when one of our relationships are suffering.

BUT, we were created for relationships.  So we work at it.  Sometimes in futility.  In our own strength.  God intended us for relationship, yet we strive because we neglect our relationship with Him.  The most important relationship we can have is with The One who created us, and when we neglect that relationship, all the others suffer.


I cried myself to sleep last night, my heart bursting–tears for my daughter.  My grand-daughter.  My son-in-law.  Not because our relationship suffers spiritually–but physically and emotionally.  Sometimes I just miss them so much it hurts.  In my mind I’m saying, “I can’t DO this!”, and I cry out for help.   Because I have a close relationship with God, I KNOW I can trust His plan for all of us, and I am comforted.  He is the creator, AND our sustainer.  He knows our past, present and future.  He meets us right where we are and brings peace.

“Sing to the Lord, you His faithful ones, and praise His holy name.  For His anger lasts only for a moment, but His favor, a lifetime.  Weeping may spend the night, but there is joy in the morning.”

When I rise in the morning and devour the Word–He is there.   From sunrise to sunset–He is there.  He wants to lead us through our day, guide us and empower us–even use us to further His kingdom.

I really am, OK.  No, I’m more than ok–I am blessed.  Thankful.  I am alive and I’m His, and I want HIS ministry to “flow out of me”–flooding into my relationship with others.

“The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.  Therefore my heart rejoices, and I praise Him with my song.”  Psalm 28:7



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