Giving Thanks

1-Give Thanks  For several years now, I have made it my morning routine to write down things that that I am thankful for.  Counting my blessings all year, with a goal of One Thousand Blessings, I have easily counted #865 so far!  (you can read about it here: )

I appreciate that Thanksgiving is a gentle reminder for us to be thankful for the things we are blessed with; but more importantly, I want to remember that nothing in this world can replace or is greater than the gift of God Himself.  God’s goodness and faithful love are a constant, even when the things of this world are not.

In reading the Psalms, I have made it a habit to put a heart beside the words, “His faithful love” and I am amazed at how often God’s love is referred to as “faithful”. (108 times in the Psalms alone!) (HCSB)  When the Psalmist says, “His faithful love endures forever”, it’s almost redundant isn’t it?  Don’t let a day go by without being thankful for this abiding, enduring, amazing LOVE that the Father has for us!

During these cool, crisp days of fall, let that thought warm you.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

(Feel free to click on and save the “Give Thanks” printable!)


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