Scripture Challenge: JOSHUA — “Have No Fear!”

If you read my last post, I hope that you caught this great verse out of Joshua:Joshua 1:9

If you remember the story of  Joshua, he is the successor of Moses and is given the responsibility of leading the Israelites into the land promised by God after 40 years of “mindless wandering”.  God has called them to be a holy people (Leviticus 20:7), set apart for a special purpose:  To represent the One True God in a land of idolaters.

This book is full of battles, and sometimes it’s hard to comprehend the gravity of it, but the overall theme is still this:

“God’s people can live in victory as they trust in Him”.   [Holman Christian Standard Illustrated Study Bible, p.255]

This verse is the one I’m memorizing from Joshua–it’s one that I’ve committed to memory in the past, but now it has fresh meaning.  (Don’t you love how God’s Word always transcends time?)  Do you realize that no matter what season of life we are in, whether it’s a time of struggle or a time of sweet peace, God intends for us to live with confidence in His presence?

I have a dear friend that will ask me from time to time if I’m ready for some “mindless wandering”.  We just enjoy a few hours strolling through unique boutiques, shops, or malls and then have a little lunch together.  No agenda, no schedule.  Just time to catch up on each others lives and enjoy a girl’s day out.

As much as I treasure those kind of carefree days, I certainly don’t want that to be the legacy of my life.  God created us for more than that.  He has a job for us to do and wants us to do it with excellence.  He not only call us to moral excellence, He provides the victory.  He gives His power and presence to accomplish whatever He asks of us–without fear.

Don’t we know enough already to keep us busy until He returns or calls us home?

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