Scripture Challenge: Deuteronomy–“What Does God Want From Me?”


I didn’t have to choose this verse–it chose me!  It’s a verse many of us have already memorized, but one worth retaining for a lifetime, and one that speaks volumes.

You may know that Deuteronomy is most known for giving us the Ten Commandments, and this particular verse comes as a summation of all those commandments–

If we truly love God with all that is in us, we will have no problem following those TEN, right? It sounds good, but if we’re honest, the reality is…

–we easily allow our time to fill up with everything but God. [NO OTHER GODS]
–there is no question that the majority of believers today “tip” rather than tithe. [NO IDOLS]
–we call ourselves Christians but live how we want–with God as a hashtag# [DON’T MISUSE GOD’S NAME]
–seven days fly by and we give God an hour-long appointment. [SABBATH REST]
–we neglect those we love the most. [HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER]
–there is devaluation of life in many forms, hatred rather than brokenness. [DO NOT MURDER]
–we have unfaithfulness in our heart and mind. [ADULTERY]
–we are selfish rather than selfless. How much have we taken from others by refusing to give? [DO NOT STEAL]
–we criticize, gossip, or use our words to tear down rather than build up. [FALSE WITNESS]
–life becomes a rat race to “get ahead”, and our desires line up more closely to the world’s rather than God’s. [DO NOT COVET]

Wow. Convicting, huh? Sorry to be so blunt, but we can so easily exempt ourselves if we’re not careful, thinking that we pretty much “have it all together”.

When we commit to love someone, what we are saying, in reality is, “I am choosing to trust you with my heart“–and when we give our heart to God, we’re supposed to be saying exactly that–that we will trust Him enough to give Him our heart.

To love Him with all of my heart, all of my soul, and with all of my strength–

I must trust Him and His plan for me.  I must be honest about my relationship with Him, and I must choose to obey out of love for Him.

For those who see The Bible as only a book of rules or a history book with stories of the past that have nothing to do with today–I challenge you to read it–with an open heart and mind.

Say to God,

“God, if you’re in here, and if you will reveal yourself to me today–I will listen”.

More often than not, the reason we miss God is because we are looking for answers or quick fixes; what He truly desires is for you just to SEEK HIM.

May God bless you today in a special way… I leave you with this verse:
“The precepts of The Lord are right,
Making the heart glad;
The commandment of The Lord
Is radiant,
Making the eyes light up.”
Psalm 19:8


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