Scripture Challenge: Numbers

1-2013-06-03 chalkboard

In case you missed the last post and you are following my Scripture Challenge @
Here’s the verse we are memorizing for the Book of Numbers:


If you are trying this with me and haven’t commented yet on the blog page, please let me know–I’ll be printing all the verses out on scripture memory cards for two lucky winners!

If you haven’t started yet, or are just intimidated by the thought–please don’t be!  If you feel like you’re afraid to start because you think you can’t, let me encourage you to try.  I am the world’s worst at memorization, and it’s one of the reasons I am trying to do this.  If I work to memorize all of these, and only retain half of them–just think how many verses I will know by this time next year that I don’t have memorized today.  You have to start somewhere, right?  Well, then, start today!  What are you waiting for? :0)

Since this is going to be a long project, I will randomly pick a winner from any one that has commented on any of the scripture pages.

I’m going to randomly pick a winner when we complete the Old Testament and then a new winner when we complete the New Testament!

I know that if you don’t practice these often you won’t retain all of them, so these scripture memory cards will help you continue to remember them long after we’re done!
Have a great week!

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