What I Can Do Today

“All a man’s ways seem right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the motives.”  Proverbs 16:2

We plan.  We prepare.  We shoot our visionary arrows into the future and pray they land at least somewhere near the intended target.

But God.

He sees.  He knows where we have been and where we are going.  And surely He must throw His hands up in frustration when our focus is more on our destination than it is on the journey.

“Commit your activities to the Lord and your plans will be achieved.”  Proverbs 16:3

It is in our coming and going that our true character is revealed.  In the grand scheme of things, we are often far-sighted and if we aren’t careful–in danger of tripping over those small moments right in front of us.

I believe my husband has been given the gift of vision.  Not just being able to see things clearly with his eyes, but in his relationship with God, he is often given a vision for what the future might look like.  Not in a dream or written in the clouds–but a very real sense of what God could, or might do, if we walk in obedience to Him.

How does one proceed when he believes God for something that looks very different in reality?  What if, in our humanity, we start to wonder what God is doing?  What do we do when we don’t see the future clearly?

We walk in faith.  When we surrender our “yes” to God, we also surrender the outcome. Just as those men of old believed God for big things (read the New Testament book of Hebrews!), we choose to trust Him even when we can’t see the promised land.  Even when the road we are on is rocky or difficult.  Even when our world is shaken and we don’t understand–and even when others abandon us and we feel all alone.  Then what?

By faith, we just keep going.

What can I do today?  I can keep doing what I know is good and true and right.  I can continue to look to the Lord for direction and for wisdom, and I can choose to trust Him.

WISDOM:  Seeing things from God’s perspective

“A wise heart instructs its mouth and increases learning with its speech.”  Proverbs 16:23

Every circumstance is a learning experience.  There is always something God wants to teach us in the process.

Shoot those arrows!  Dreaming, planning, and preparing for the future are healthy habits–just be careful not to miss what is right in front of you. Today is an opportunity for growth.  Those giant redwood trees in the forest?  They didn’t reach the height of their glory overnight:

Redwoods:  Tallest Tree on Earth

Redwood trees can grow to 300 feet or more, compared to the tallest pine tree at 268 feet or the tallest tan oak at 162 feet — yet its root system is only 6-12 feet deep. Extending their roots more than 50 feet from the trunk and living in groves where their roots can intertwine, giving the redwoods strength to withstand powerful winds and floods.

Strong roots and consistent growth brought about the desired result–and it will do the same for us–not for our own glory, but for HIS.  Dig deep into God’s word.  Walk in obedience today–and press on, friend.  Look to God for His perspective on your current situation.  You are not alone. He will see you through.  Let your heart be intertwined with His, and today–on this day and on into the future, let your vision be only a reflection of His.

[For another perspective on Proverbs 16, you can read Day #16 of my 31 Days of Proverbs, HERE.]

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  1. I love this verse! I’ve read it several times in the last couple of days in different blog posts. I think the Lord is telling me I need to pay attention! Thanks for sharing!

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