Five Things That Will Help You STAY Married

Today I saw a sad sign posted on the curb.

It was not a joke–and I sure didn’t laugh.

Divorce Sign

It is a sad, but true fact that my husband and I are becoming a rare commodity.  Our marriage has lasted 30+ years and we are more committed to love than ever.

So how does this happen?  Can two people stay married for a lifetime?  While much of the world would think it impossible, I want to share five things that have helped us to stay married.

Our first date was over 35 years ago, and while it started as a courtship, we quickly became best of friends.  I loved his humor, and he loved that I laughed at his jokes!

Life consisted of making a home in everything from a parsonage to an apartment, a mobile home, a duplex and rental homes. We are grateful for God’s provision every step of the way, and after traveling to several countries on mission trips, we’ve learned that


Doug and Vickie youg!

While there can be no perfect marriage when two imperfect people are involved, and there certainly are no easy formulas for a healthy marriage–I can offer a few of the priorities that helped us to get this far:

1)  LAUGH TOGETHER.  A lot.  Seek to find the good in your situation and choose joy.

Proverbs 17.22

2) PLAY TOGETHER.  Often.  Life can be difficult, but the struggle to make time for each other should always be a priority.  Do something that you both like, but don’t be afraid to try something new.  We started playing golf after 50 and now its one of our favorite things to do together!

3) FIGHT AND FORGIVE.   Just fight fair.  There’s no sense in pretending that you won’t fight.   Stop saying things like “you always”, “you never”, or “I don’t want to talk about it”. Choose to work it out even if it takes all night–then choose to forgive.  Settle it and let it go.  Look for the good and right and godly way to move forward.

4) PRAY TOGETHER. Out loud.  There.  I said it.  I know it’s hard for some of you, but there is nothing more calming or endearing than hearing my husband call out to the God of the universe on my behalf and or for our children and grandchildren.  I trust that as he hears me praying for him, his heart will be encouraged and our hearts will be more closely in tune with the heart of God.


Without a healthy relationship with God through Jesus, we would have not made it this far, or this well.  I know unbelieving couples can make it work, but it’s rare to have a healthy marriage for this long without Him!

Philippians 4.8

5) STAY TOGETHER.  Assume it.  Don’t plan for the alternative, or you will find yourself wanting to take the not-so-easy way out.  When we ignore divorce as an option, we work harder to get it right. Not only do we plan to stay together for a lifetime, we prioritize our calendars to be together as often as we possibly can.  We love traveling together and as much as we can we sync our schedules and jump at the chance to “escape” together.

We made it a priority to save for the big moments, like our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We planned and saved years in advance, choosing to place value on making memories instead of accumulating things.  It didn’t happen overnight–it took years, but we are so glad we did!

The world can’t seem to fathom it, but God did create us to live happily in our marriages!

Wedding picture-Doug and Vickie

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  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent! I’m so grateful for couples like you who have withstood the trials of marriage. Your example inspires others and is a testimony of the sustaining power of God’s grace. THANK YOU!


  2. Congratulations on 35 years of marriage! That’s a wonderful milestone and all the more reason to soak in the helpful tips listed above. My husband and I have been married for 25 years, and I mention to him often to keep the jokes coming. It helps keep things fun.

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  3. Great points and pics, thanks for sharing! May I add one more? Always cling to God’s design for marriage. Wife, when your husband’s wrong, cry out to the Lord to straighten every crooked path.
    God bless you and all your readers! ❤💕

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  4. What a great post Vickie! You two are so cute and a great example of a godly marriage. I love all the pictures and verses! Thank you! Angie


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