January Snow (Through My Lens)

There is no way to resist the beauty of freshly fallen snow.  I don’t even like cold, but waking up to the serenity of the white blanket, I bundled up and set out to make my mark on the white canvas.

Waking Up To Snow

Cardinal In The Snow

Winter Wonderland

The Climbing Tree

Too Cold To Swing

Covered In White

Have A Cold Seat

Feels Like Narnia

We Need An Orange Volleyball

Beauty In The Moment

Snow Covered Pine

These Tracks Are Not Mine #ohdeer

Snow Selfie

The things we do to get a photo! 

S’no View Like A Bird’s Eye View

AND I HAVE TO GIVE PROPS:  My sweet husband slaving away at our very long driveway.  He was determined to keep it clear–tomorrow is Sunday and he will do whatever it takes to make it to church!  He says, “If one person shows up, I want to be there!” That’s what I call a “faithful servant”.

Pastor’s Persistence

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