2018: A New Year/New Perspective

We started our journey to Israel on December 26, 2017. This will be a trip that will, without a doubt influence my study of the Bible—and my writing here on the blog.

Those 8 days were life-changing.

We went at this same time–20 years ago. This was our second time to go to the land of the Bible, and our memory did not disappoint.

Welcoming the new year in another country and in a different time zone was surreal. I’m not sure the reality of 2018 hit me fully until we returned to the states.

We left the desert and after flying for 12 hours non-stop, landed in the middle of a snow storm. What a way to start 2018! Stranded.  We are in our home country, but unable to make it to our own homes and our long-awaited beds. We could end this incredible journey disappointed and frustrated, but while the weather is out of our control, guess what?  Our attitude is not.  After all…HE.KNOWS.

My dear friend, who is a missionary to Uganda heard we were “stranded” and sent me a message:

“Welcome back. You are not stranded…you are where you are supposed to be even if you are not where you planned to be.”

Whether you are experiencing a snow storm or living in a physical—or spiritual desert, the Lord is preparing the way for you.

And every day is a new day.

Whether it is a new challenge– or a new opportunity, the attitude we have will influence the road we take. The path we choose will be determined by who you follow. You can take pride in doing things your own way, or you can recognize the One who has already prepared a path for you and follow Him.

I want 2018 to be a year of looking at every day as an opportunity. An opportunity to serve The One who has given me life and breath and a reason to live.

“Lord, thank you for a new day and a new year and the opportunities it will bring. Make a way. Help me to see it. Guide me every step of the way.  Make me new. In Jesus name, amen.”

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  1. Wow amen! I love this Vickie. I think this is such an important reminder to bring to the forefront of our minds every day. Thank you for sharing!


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