The Path of Totality

“The Path of Totality”…

There’s just something about that phrase that sounds astronomical, doesn’t it?  It fits the event so well–in both senses of the word, and it sounds like something from a futuristic movie.

Only it happened in 2017.

We didn’t even realize it until days before the solar eclipse, but our property was in the path of totality. It was a great privilege to actually be able to experience it in our own back yard.  Thankfully, we had plenty of time to do the research so we were prepared enough to know what things we should be looking for in moments before, during and after the total eclipse.

Like crescent shadows:

Crescent Shadows
Solar Eclipse 2017
Belleville, IL

And the diamond ring effect that happens at the end of totality as the moon passes over the sun.  I didn’t have a filter for my camera, so I couldn’t actually take a picture of the eclipse in totality, but this amazing picture from a friend captured it beautifully:

Diamond Ring
Solar Eclipse 2017

Here’s the thing.  It was an awesome experience.  For some, it will be once-in-a-lifetime.  This incredible display in our solar system just reminded me of how small we are in this universe.

Seriously.  Could you stand in awe of this phenomenon and not in awe of Creator God?  Did the parallel escape you that when the sun returned to the eastern sky–the bride’s wedding ring of promise appeared?  What a vivid reminder of Jesus’ promise to one day return for His bride–the church.

Since creation, the God of this universe set into motion these marvelous events, and in His divine wisdom knew that we would need this reminder:

“When you look to the heavens and see the sun, moon, and stars—all the stars in the sky—do not be led astray to bow in worship to them and serve them. The Lord your God has provided them for all people everywhere under heaven.”  Deuteronomy 4:19

What a day that was!  People all across the country gathered together to witness a terrestrial phenomenon.

How I wish that this powerful reminder would bring us together to worship Him!

“To whom will you compare me,
or who is my equal?” asks the Holy One.

 “Look up and see!
Who created these?
He brings out the stars by number;
he calls all of them by name.
Because of his great power and strength,
not one of them is missing.”  

Isaiah 40:25-26

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