Through the Lens of a Child

These photos were taken by my five-year old granddaughter.  She is fascinated by my old camera (a Canon Power Shot), and took to it right away, easily learning how to zoom and shoot the world around her. The photos and captions are all her.  No editing except to add the logo.  I assure you, she took many more than this, but I picked some of my favorite shots:

“Smile, Bubba!”

This not-so-young-anymore pup has been her companion since birth.  They both love coming to Nana’s!

“Awww, purple flowers!”

Lucy absolutely loves being outside.  On any given day, It would be hard to say what her favorite thing is: flowers, frogs or fireflies.  She wants to take them all home with her.

“oo! They are soooo cute!”

On this particular day, we took a walk down to the pond to see the turtles that like to get some sun on the drain pipe.  They jump into the water as soon as anyone gets close, but Lucy was careful to contain her excitement and sneak up on this guy… Great shot, Lucy!

“There are two colors on these daffodils, I have to get a picture of those!”

There isn’t a flower she doesn’t like, so there we now have documented evidence of literally every flower in our yard. 🙂

“These are so gorgeous!”

This girl doesn’t miss a thing:

“Look! A helicopter!”

I wasn’t there when she took this one, but these stumps are a favorite of all the grandkids.  Often I find them piled with the treasures they’ve found… caterpillars, pinecones, grass, flowers, rocks…

“I got a perfect shot!”

These neighborhood horses are quite the perfect candidate for practicing Lucy’s photo skills.  She was a little disappointed that we couldn’t ride them, though!

“He’s just so cute, I can’t help it!”

This guy is always smiling, but he and Lucy definitely have a mutual admiration society.  Sweet cousins that are always happy to see each other.

I wasn’t with her when she took this one, either, but Lucy talks to all the animals, and she had a special squirrel that she called “zipper”.  Now she calls them all “zipper” and I’m sure our bird feeder reminded her of her little friend.  So she took the picture.

I am an amateur photographer just like Lucy, and seeing the world through her eyes is quite special.  I love that she is fascinated by the little things.  Her joy is contagious, and a great reminder that when we focus on those things that bring us joy, the rest of the world is a blur.  This girl doesn’t need technology to entertain her.  She appreciates the simple things of life.

I hope she never changes.

“Selfie”. Not her first, and I’m sure not her last!

“Let the little children come to Me, and don’t stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I assure you: Whoever does not welcome the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”  ~~Jesus

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