It’s the Little Things…

Decorating the tree with ornaments old and new. Hanging of the greens. Carols. Lights. And bows. Pretty packages and stockings hung by a fire.

These “little things” are what make it feel like coming home.

Christmas Blessings Fireplace Mantel

Even though we have only been in this house for a year now, this really is HOME.

We have really settled in, and love that our children and grandchildren are making memories here.

It was our four children that grew up so very quickly that made Christmas, F U N.  And now we have nine littles that bring us so much joy that our hearts are full. (And so is our mantel!)

Christmas Fireplace Mantel

These sweet little cousins really do love each other and the thrill of having them all together in our home is a blessing that this Nana and Pappy will treasure for a very long time.

Sweet CousinsCousinsimg_aa1f67e494a1-1

Our Madagascar babies are home for Christmas for the first time in three years! (Be still my heart!) Watching them experience so many “firsts” after living in a third-world country, just

We could not ask for more.  The “little things” that run through our home and take up so much space in our heart are a vivid reminder of how very much our Heavenly Father loves us.  We would give anything to protect and provide for these special ones that God has blessed us with.  God has proven His love for us in that, while we were still sinners, He gave everything to us by sending His Beloved Son to be the Savior of the world. (Romans 5:8)

It is this tiny baby, at the centerpiece of the Nativity that changes everything.

“Do You See What I See?”

How could we not bow our hearts in worship of this One Who Came that very First Noel?


These littles–they grow up–and Jesus grew up too.

This baby in a manger was, “The Light of the World”, “Messiah”, “Immanuel, God with us”, “The Prince of Peace”, “The Lamb of God”, “The Good Shepherd”, “The Lamb that was slain”, “Savior”, “Redeemer“.

As we celebrate the season of His birth, we, like Mary, will “treasure all of these things“–all the little things–in our heart.

Merry Christmas, by Lucy

Merry Christmas from the Muntons!

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