Friendly Faces

A friendly face is always welcome.

It can be a complete stranger or a long-time friend.  These faces might look very different, but each face tells a story…

She is the first face I see when I arrive home.  Always watching.  Always waiting.  Always a friend.Shorkie Face

This friendly neighbor followed us home in the rain, and though we had just met, seemed to think we were best buds.

Dog Face In Your Face

This beautiful face had the look of anticipation… perhaps thinking that if I really loved him, I would feed him.  (Not unlike certain other males in my life!)

Goat Face

This shy guy didn’t really want his picture taken, so I passed on a selfie, and just snapped this turtle before he retreated for good:

Turtle Face

How in the world could you not love this face!  No doubt he was eyeing me up to see if I was just a friend or was looking for a ride…

Horse Face

This little beauty apparently wanted her picture taken.  This gem was captured on our webcam near the barn:Deer Face

Some years the nest was in the wreath on my door, but since we moved out and our grandkids moved in, the bird family relocated just a few feet away.

Baby Bird Face

This year the nest was in a tree in the front yard, on a branch low enough for a full report:

The big day arrives, and this friendly little face couldn’t wait to share the news!

What a difference a friendly face can make in someone’s day–why not be a that face today?  You might just make a new friend.

“A joyful heart makes a face cheerful…” Proverbs 15:13a

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