Happy August!


I have travelled to every corner of our great nation, and while I appreciate the ocean and the mountains and the desert, and even the big cities,

there is no place like home.

I live in the midwest, and I absolutely love having four distinct seasons–just about the time you are tired of one season, the next one rolls in and the landscape changes, every season bringing its own beauty–the ever-changing landscape, a canvas of God’s handiwork.

Psalm 89:15

August is our hottest month, but the signs of fall are approaching:  the cornfields are high, the annuals are slowing disappearing, and the mums are starting to bud.  August heat brings the sounds of crickets and locusts, and fireflies light up the night sky.

One of the ways I choose to live a grateful life is to embrace what ever season I am in–whether in nature or in life.  We can pine away for a different time or a different season, or we can live each day for what it is–a gift.  Let’s not waste a moment.

“The day is Yours, also the night; You established the moon and the sun.  You set all the boundaries of the earth; You made summer and winter.”  Psalm 7:1-17

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  1. Reblogged this on From guestwriters and commented:
    At last we got some nice warmer days, yesterday reaching 34° Celcius. It became time, because we did not have much feeling of a Summer, a few weeks ago even some nights with groundtemperatures under 0° C and in the day time Autumn temperatures.

    Pleased to see the Sun now.

    whatever weather comes unto us, we have to make the best out of it and make of each day a new experience worth living.


  2. Oh Vickie, you are so right! We can choose to embrace the season we are in and see it as a gift. It is truly a gift. I am so happy for the little reminders that Fall is around the corner. It’s my absolute favorite! But until then, I will embrace the moments of swimming in the pool to beat the heat and all the fun making splashes.


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