If I Could Only Say One Thing To Graduates

Words of encouragement for you graduates out there…

Graduation time is here, and I am sure there will be plenty of advice being thrown around.  If I only had only one opportunity to speak words of encouragement to a graduate, what is it that I would want to say?

I am no expert.  The only thing that even begins to qualify me is the experience of having four children who have passed this milestone.  The message I have is not from me at all–it is all about the message that God wants us to hear from His Word–and it is a powerful one:

IMG_9855.jpgWhen my kids were approaching the time to make decisions about their future, I chose to remind them that it is more important that they follow the path that God has for them than to listen to any outside influence telling them what they should do. Often as parents we fall into the trap of thinking…

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