Unfinished projects lurking in the corner.

To-do list covered with stacks of mail.

Half-written posts hanging in the balance.

Piled up papers wait to be filed.

Clothes in a sewing basket beckoning a needle.

And all I want to do is hold my grandbabies.

Laugh with my husband.

And spend time with my Savior.

Weeping away the woes.



I get in these moods sometimes and He gently reminds me that its okay.  Life swirls around us and just when we are tempted to let go and drown in the chaos, He calms the storm. Tells us to stop.


Be still.

Let Him cover us with His wings while we sit on the Rock of Salvation.

Let Him move and breath and work on our heart.  Our soul.

Wallowing, not in pity, but THE DEPTH.

Of His Love.

His Mercy.

His Grace.

He’s still workin’ on me,

to make me what I ought to be.

It took Him just a week

to make the

moon and the stars,


sun and the earth,


jupiter and mars.


loving and patient

He must be,

He’s still workin’ on me.

quilt pattern courtesy of

quilt pattern courtesy of

We can’t stay there, of course.  This isn’t heaven–and life on this earth carries responsibilities.

That’s why we get so tired.  The world tries to crowd Him out and the light gets dim.

Stopping and soaking brings the filling.

Some days I feel like an old sponge, and when that sponge is dry, the only way to make it useful again is to let it soak.

He fills us to overflowing so that we can go from basking in The Light to reflecting The LIght.

So others can see Him in us.

A filled-up, well-used, glow-in-the-dark sponge.

Or a well-worn, well-used, beloved old quilt.

I love how my God can take even the most mundane and make it a beautiful picture of His amazing grace!

Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

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