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My Most Popular PIN, Now a DIY Pillow

Life is not a fairytale…

…but we do all have dreams of “happily ever after“, so it’s no wonder that this is my #1 MOST PINNED on Pinterest BY FAR:

Love Gives Us a Fairytale

Not too surprising, since every little girl grows up dreaming that one day she will meet her prince charming. This is a stamp that I bought for a Disney Baby Shower that I was planning, and since it’s a small stamp, I decided to re-create it and turn it into a pillow for Valentine’s Day!

It is SUPER EASY– it’s just a kitchen towel that I purchased at Wal-Mart that happened to fit a travel pillow perfectly.

Tea Towels DIY

I used Rhonna Designs to create the template, imported it into a Word Document so I could flip it, and printed it onto an Avery t-shirt transfer sheet that you iron on.

Here’s my design, and I’m leaving my blog stamp off of it, if you’d like to save or print it.  I’d just love to hear from you if you do!

1-Once in Awhile 1-15-2015 1-13-13 PM

After only two seams down each side and a little velcro to close, the pillow was finished and ready to find a home!

Valentine Pillow

envelope pillow

Here’s what I did with the second one:

XOXO pillow

Love is so much more than X’s and O’s, but when words aren’t enough, sometimes just a hug can go a long way to heal a heart or put a smile on our face.

Hugs and Kisses

Spread a little love today–tomorrow is never guaranteed.

This post is lovingly dedicated to our Uncle John on what would have been his 84th birthday.  He passed away yesterday, leaving the love of his life, his wife of 61 years, Aunt Shirley, who he met one day and married the next!

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