The Countdown Has Begun!

Truth be told, I’ve been counting down a









Madagascar time

Madagascar is on the horizon, and I’m packing, making lists, and praying for wisdom in the process.

How do you pack into four suitcases all that you’ve missed over the last year, and just the right items to say not only “I LOVE YOU!”, but “we want to bless you!”.

My mind is reeling with the task.

My heart is racing faster than the time.

And my emotions are teetering.

I love my children and grandchildren passionately, and I know that they would be content with just us.  (And if our suitcases get lost in the 39 hours of travelling– it WILL be all they get!)

PEACE.  How do I go to bed at night and not let all of the planning and packing and preparing keep me awake?

Just as it is at any time in my life, when there is something that threatens to consume me, peace only comes as I RELEASE it…

PEACE--Phil 4

Through prayer.  Giving it to Him and remembering that GOD is GOOD.  HE is FAITHFUL.  He has given us everything we really need and will lead us…






Follow God

Can I just say “thank you, Lord, for your gracious provision, your powerful presence, and your faithful love.”  Amen.


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