A New Year, A New Day, A New Perspective

Mrs. Turnipseed was in her 80’s when she approached my pastor-husband and exclaimed with great exuberance, “Pastor, I’m so excited!  I’ve found a new ministry!” Can you picture that in your mind?  How many seniors are even looking for new opportunities to serve?  What a testimony to younger generations. On a day that I typically just feel a whole year older instead of a day older, I’m reminded that one day on the calendar can affect my mindset if I’m not careful.


It cannot be coincidence that today, on my birthday, I would read this verse.  I love how God, in His Sovereignty, continues to teach me and remind me of the fact that, no matter what my age, this process of becoming “new” is ongoing. I have experienced a host of different emotions on birthdays past: I used to hate that my birthday was so close to Christmas–but after 30 years of sharing the same birthday with my father-in-law, I am treasuring the fact that we shared a special day.  He’s spent two birthdays in eternity now, and so now it’s a day of joy mixed with sorrow, and wouldn’t take anything for those memories. So. Another Birthday.  Another year. And what is it that I’ve learned in my 52nd year? More importantly:

What do I want 2014 to look like?

I want to be thankful:  I finished writing down one thousand blessings this year (you can read about it here: and will do it again in 2014, focusing on the things that are good and true and right.   ReNEW my mind.

I want to continue reading:  Reading through the Bible and treasuring His Word in my heart.  Reading for pleasure.  Reading for knowledge.  Reading for NEW growth. I want to really live:  Live in the moment.  Live for eternity.  We only have today.  Live without regret.  Make NEW memories.

I want to choose love:  Love the Lord.  Love my family.  Love my friends.  Love the unlovely.  Without love we are nothing.  Build NEW relationships.

I want to serve others:  Because I love, because it melts away selfishness.  Because it breeds awareness.  Seize NEW opportunities.

“A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds.” ― John D. Rockefeller

I’m not sure if I have gained a new perspective, or maybe a changed heart–but I do know this: this new day, and possibly a whole new year, is a gift.  One that I don’t want to waste.

If our goals for 2014 are lofty, then let them only be so in light of eternity!



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