Transitional Traditions


the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs,
 information, etc., from generation to generation,
especially by word of mouth or by practice.

Traditions are neither good or bad, per se… Each person chooses what they want to observe in their traditions.  We have old traditions and can begin new ones.

Many families have what they would call their “traditional” Thanksgiving meal, and we are no exception.


We have our favorites, and our must haves, but we are never so rigid as to think that it always has to be prepared the same way.


This year my daughter tried a new sweet potato recipe, Sweet Potato Gratin, and OH.MY.GOODNESS it was wonderful!

Just a few days before Thanksgiving, my Dad was telling me about a recipe for Crockpot Creamed Corn that he had recently tried and loved, so I decided to bypass the Munton tradition of Corn Casserole, and give it a try:


Because my family loves paella, a Mexican corn dish, I added parmesan cheese, paprika and chili powder… YUMMM!!

We’ve enjoyed corn casserole on the menu for many years, but this crockpot recipe saved me some much-needed oven space…

The result:  A new favorite!


Did you try any new recipes this year?  I’d love to hear!

CHRIST is the center of our home,

a guest at every meal,

a silent listener to every conversation.



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  1. We’re visiting Brad, Elsa and the girls this Thanksgiving….what a joy!!! We enjoyed our first “deep fried turkey”. It was delish! Also had glutin free potatoes, GF pumpkin pie and GF brownies. YES, they were also yummy.


  2. We love the crockpot creamed corn. Laughed at the Country Bob’s in it’s place of honor.. First Thanksgiving we had Derby Pie. So much and so good.


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