Scripture Challenge: RUTH — “A Love Story’s Lesson”

The story of Ruth in the Old Testament is a story of love and redemption. It’s a story of a woman committed to her new-found faith in the God of Israel. So committed that she leaves her homeland and travels to the land of her mother-in-law– adamant that, “Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.” (Ruth 2:16)

In this love story, a family member of her dead husband has mercy on her and is impressed by this young woman’s attitude. She proves by her actions that she is committed to her new life. Boaz, who will eventually take Ruth as his wife, is compassionate toward her and blesses her with these words:

1-photo (3)

I am reminded that our commitment to the Lord often brings blessings in this life, but the full reward comes from the Lord in eternity.  I love the word picture at the end of this verse, “…under whose wings you have come for refuge.”  When we read this story of Ruth, I think sometimes we forget–or gloss over the fact that she lost her husband, along with her father-in-law and brother-in-laws.  Her grief was real, and in the midst of her grief, left everything familiar to go to a new place where everything was strange, and her future uncertain.  Her actions proved that she was trusting in God to provide and protect her, and even though she must have had fears and doubts, she chose to rely on God as her refuge and strength.

I’m not going to even imply that my struggles compare to Ruth’s, but in this time of “letting go” of my daughter and son-in-law and granddaughter, I am comforted by the promise that when I trust in the Lord, He will provide just what I need to stay strong.  I will cry tears, and I will have days that I struggle, but if I keep my eyes on Jesus, I know He will lead me beside still waters…


If you’re following me in this Scripture Challenge, I hope these verses are speaking to you as they are to me.  It’s been a wonderful journey of discovery and promise!


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