Talk about “Coincidence”: Seriously?

I’m struggling.
Like many of you, I grieve for the families in Oklahoma and all those connected to them.
Life is a woven tapestry of joy and pain and this week has taken me the full gamut of emotions.
I am not even remotely convinced that these life events, or any random activity that we are involved in–can just be chalked up to “coincidence”.
When we see the power and force of nature, we can either cower in fear or be in awe of our Creator.

It was not coincidence or chance that the verse for this past week was precisely the verse that I needed.
Life happens.
~~I received my almost 6 month old granddaughter’s passport in the mail… preparation for a life on the mission field in Africa.
~~A high school classmate committed suicide… a person I should have witnessed to.
~~A friend’s father passed away and her first words to us were, “… and I wasn’t there.”
~~A tornado ravages Moore, Oklahoma, …and parents are still searching for children.

I am absolutely convinced that our only hope is the Prince of Peace.


Being a believer doesn’t exempt us from difficulty (much to the disagreement of some). Example after example can be seen in the pages of the New Testament, and most of us have experienced first-hand the consequence of living in a fallen world, where bad things can happen even to good people.

Surviving difficulty or tragedy comes down to only two choices:

Image (2)
That’s it. We can choose to believe and trust a loving God that wants to help us through the storms of our life, or we can get angry and blame Him for every bad thing that happens. Funny that those that say they don’t even believe in God–or at least live like they don’t, are often the ones that want to blame Him when life throws them for a loop… Yet, the testimony of those whose faith leads them to trust Him even more in tragedy are the ones that flourish despite the circumstance.

Many in my area will remember the shooting at First Baptist Church, Maryville in July of 2009. In very close proximity to our church, some would say that it was “coincidence” that the shooter chose to walk into that church and shoot Pastor Winters. Why did he choose that church, that day? You can read the testimony of his incredible wife, Cindy@

Grace and Hope Ministries
She has been steadfast in her faith and uses her story to minister to thousands around the nation.
What will you do with what’s on your plate today? I’m inspired to do something. Prayer is the way we connect our heart to the heart of God. He is in control and grieves as we do when we are hurting. He’s the only way to know true peace. He is my hiding place when the world is crazy and I need to focus on all that is good and right.
Love and prayers for all the lost, lonely and hurting today.


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