Wednesday Wisdom

It’s simple, really.

Reading Proverbs this morning, I saw it clearly.

Following God involves two simple commands:

“Love My Word”, and

“Live it.”

Sometimes we try to complicate it, but these simple words of wisdom from Proverbs are a great reminder for us today.

Study His Word.  There is nothing in this world more life-changing that when we make the conscious choice to take an honest look at what God’s Word says, let it fill our heart–and then allow it to change our lives.

The wisdom that God gave Solomon was only beneficial when he chose to follow its truth.  Knowing it in our head doesn’t change who we are–“writing it on the tablet of our heart” means we let those words change us–how we think, what we do and how we act.

As a parent, I loved it when my children obeyed.  No whining. No complaining. Just simple obedience.

How much more must our Heavenly Father love it when we demonstrate that same kind of love for Him!

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