The Blessing of Cheerfulness


“A merry heart doeth good like medicine.” Proverbs 17:22 We know it’s true because not only have we seen it, but we have experienced it for ourselves. Yet very often we don’t choose it for ourselves, even knowing it is the better choice. Deep down, we desire it, but it seems illusive–until we run into that person that always…

Three Ingredient Cookies

Cake Mix Cookies

No one likes to go digging around for old recipes… or old posts on the blog, so I decided to repost the recipe for this very simple cookie recipe.  A friend gave it to me quite awhile ago, and I’ve used it to try all kinds of variations–the possibilities are endless!  It’s an easy one…

Where Feet May Fall–Travel Theme: FEET

Oh The Places You'll Go 9-3-2015 1-44-10 PM

Just for fun… and because feet really do tell a story… I am joining the TRAVEL THEME: FEET inspired by the blog, Where’s My Backpack?.  You can join the adventure @ I chose pictures from my travels to Madagascar, where two of my precious grandbabies live, and where we did a Vacation Bible School…

What Are You Looking For?

Jeremiah 29:13

Is it purpose?  Success?  Position? Or maybe it’s a person.  The perfect date.  The perfect spouse. The perfect children. We spend much of our life pining away for something we don’t have or the next new gadget that comes along.  I have an incredible husband.  Four wonderful children and FIVE beautiful grandchildren.  I could list a…

Does God Want Me?

God's Comfort Zone

Broken. Wounded. Scarred. Rejected. Insecure? Don’t you see?  He loves you.  You were created for a reason.  He desires to take you right where you are and make your life a beautiful reflection of His glory!  Nothing–NO ONE–is beyond redemption. REDEMPTION:  an act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake, or the state…

My Tattoos Are Scars

TRUTH tattoo

It’s not uncommon these days for a woman even my age to get a tattoo… Often they carry with them a significant meaning; not always just a fashion statement or mid-life crisis, these permanent scars become more of a visible statement of the person bearing their mark. Confession: I don’t personally have a tattoo carved on my…

Billy Graham’s Perspective on PEACE

Ephesians 2.14

Scripture is the number one source of TRUTH.  Period. I often read devotionals–online and written ones to help encourage my spiritual journey, and am very cautious about who I listen to–and Billy Graham is one that I trust.  His life-long legacy of living and preaching God’s Word is a testimony of faithfulness and godliness. The newest…


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