What DO Missionaries Do?!

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“Why would anyone want to do that?” “What do they actually DO?” “Why would they go so far away from home?” “How long will they be gone?” The questions are endless, and most of the time I get excited for the chance to tell others about my missionary children. Other times I…

Sometimes A Girl’s Gotta Cry

Winnie the Poo

Sometimes… A girl’s just gotta cry.   Sometimes it is joy, sometimes it’s grief. Sometimes it’s both–at exactly the same moment. The wonderful and the painful joined together in such raw emotion that no single word could describe it… And you think that there is absolutely no one that really understands. Except maybe Winnie-the-Poo. One…

Bless Our Blessings: Truths About Prayer from a Four Year Old

Bless Our Blessings

There’s not a soul on this earth that has taught me more about prayer than my children and grandchildren. The honest prayers of my precious little ones have moved me to tears more often than I can count.  From a very young age we started praying with our children and grandchildren, teaching them how to…

When You’re Feeling Like Job


No parent wants to give their child a start in life that says, “I know this name brings to mind someone not so pleasant, but… I’m gonna name my baby this anyway, because I really like it.”  It is pretty rare to hear of a new baby that’s been named JOB, which means “persecuted, hated”… or ICHABOD, “no…

The Prodigal in the Pew

The Prodigal in the Pew

Wow.  The preacher steps on your toes and doesn’t even apologize… He doesn’t need to, really–it’s not his fault that the Truth comes, walks straight down that aisle… right into the pew. It’s a common story, really.  The Prodigal Son:   ~demands his “rights” ~runs from home ~lives for himself ~squanders his resources ~ends up…

What Do I Know of Holy?


Sounds like a tall task to me. If you had seen the tree-climbing, roof-jumping, I-can-do-anything-a-boy-can-do, tomboy that used any excuse to get out of doing the dishes, you would never have believed that she would grow up to one day be a pastor’s wife. Some days I still don’t believe it myself.


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