Where Feet May Fall–Travel Theme: FEET

Oh The Places You'll Go 9-3-2015 1-44-10 PM

Just for fun… and because feet really do tell a story… I am joining the TRAVEL THEME: FEET inspired by the blog, Where’s My Backpack?.  You can join the adventure @ http://wheresmybackpack.com/2015/08/28/travel-theme-feet/ I chose pictures from my travels to Madagascar, where two of my precious grandbabies live, and where we did a Vacation Bible School…

What Are You Looking For?

Jeremiah 29:13

Is it purpose?  Success?  Position? Or maybe it’s a person.  The perfect date.  The perfect spouse. The perfect children. We spend much of our life pining away for something we don’t have or the next new gadget that comes along.  I have an incredible husband.  Four wonderful children and FIVE beautiful grandchildren.  I could list a…

Does God Want Me?

God's Comfort Zone

Broken. Wounded. Scarred. Rejected. Insecure? Don’t you see?  He loves you.  You were created for a reason.  He desires to take you right where you are and make your life a beautiful reflection of His glory!  Nothing–NO ONE–is beyond redemption. REDEMPTION:  an act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake, or the state…

My Tattoos Are Scars

TRUTH tattoo

It’s not uncommon these days for a woman even my age to get a tattoo… Often they carry with them a significant meaning; not always just a fashion statement or mid-life crisis, these permanent scars become more of a visible statement of the person bearing their mark. Confession: I don’t personally have a tattoo carved on my…

Billy Graham’s Perspective on PEACE

Ephesians 2.14

Scripture is the number one source of TRUTH.  Period. I often read devotionals–online and written ones to help encourage my spiritual journey, and am very cautious about who I listen to–and Billy Graham is one that I trust.  His life-long legacy of living and preaching God’s Word is a testimony of faithfulness and godliness. The newest…

Summer of Cedar

Psalm 92

It’s only my personal opinion, but cedar trees are not the most beautiful of trees… My husband-with-a-memory-bank-that-never-runs-out is stashed with all kinds of treasure.  He has been trying to teach me to recognize different types of trees for a long time, but is especially persistent on this adventure to the lake.  It is just beyond…


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