The Low-Down on Prayer

Prayer Changes Me

HERE IT IS: Prayer is ESSENTIAL. HERE’S WHAT IT’S NOT: A token of appreciation. A “go-to” when we’re desperate. A “wish list” of our wants. A poetic gesture with magical consequences. IF IT IS ESSENTIAL, then why does it often feel like an anomaly? anomaly [uh-nom-uh-lee]: “An odd, peculiar, or strange condition, situation, quality, etc.” [] It doesn’t…

Just An Old-Fashioned Love Song

Song of Solomon 8.7

I’m a mushy romantic, but when it comes to the Song of Solomon, this old-fashioned girl still blushes at the boldness of this poet’s language! I grew up modest (for which I am thankful!), and I continue to promote modesty whenever I speak to women, young and old.  My passion comes from my own spiritual committment–I…

The Proverbial Problem

I John 3:1

I love the book of Proverbs. I really do, BUT… I have a little question I’ve been asking myself. Why in the world does the writer choose to the female imperative when referring to WISDOM? I have never claimed to be a “wise guy”, and don’t want to start now, but I’m not sure that…

Love and Broken Hearts

Owe Love

Life is precious. Why something so obvious needs to be said is beyond my scope of understanding. But it’s true.  Humanly speaking, we often take life for granted.  We live like today–this moment–is all that matters.  We scurry through the day with our own agenda and hardly give thought to what opportunities we might be…

My Love for Words

Romans 5:8

I’m guessing that I got it from my sweet mother… she’s an avid reader and the champion Scrabble player in our family, and now we’re addicted to Words with Friends.  She’s retired now, but her former occupation as a proof-reader definitely gives her an advantage! 😉 (Love you, Mom!) The written word has changed course, and…

Change Your Stinking Thinking and Embrace the Cold

Baby Its Cold Outside

OR NOT…! I am definitely a warm weather person, and would rather head to the beach than the slopes any day. I DO love the four seasons here in Illinois, but am always ready for the arrival of Spring, and warm temperatures.  I really do try to not be a negative person, but I probably do…


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