Happiness is Highly Overrated


Or so it seems. The very definition of happiness can be elusive, so why do we think our pursuit will end in anything other than a temporary feeling? Maybe we should consider the vastness of this chasm: To one, the idea of happiness is found only in the absence of trouble… …while another sees it…

Wedding Fail

Do You Love Me?

The groomsmen’s tuxes were too long, too short, too tight.  [They all deserved it, after kidnapping the groom and driving him around in the trunk of a car the night before!] The hairdresser took twice as long as expected. The green flowers were supposed to be white. The white snow meant no-shows. Grandparents showed up…

A Degree in Motherhood

Gratefully Called Mom

There will be no walking across a stage to receive a diploma. This honorary degree in the field of motherhood was bestowed on me in 1981 (the nine months before my first son was born counts!) and the real lessons began. There was no instruction manual. No class. No teacher. No book that could prepare you for this.…

How Do You “Pray Without Ceasing?”

Pray Constantly

Jan Johnson, Enjoying the Presence of God, says it this way: “The more we welcome God into our thoughts and conversations, the more we desire His presence everywhere–even in the strenuous mental or physical activity.  We alternate between focusing on God and focusing on a task until they blend together.  Our conversations and actions can become…

Calm in the Chaos–“I Shall Not Be Moved!”

Jeremiah 17:8

Live Simply.  It’s easier said than done, isn’t it?  My heart is willing, but when life just gets a little complicated, it does get harder to keep it all in perspective: Trying to focus on what I need to do today… It’s not always easy to do on those days when you feel like there aren’t…

Who Prayed for Rain?


“It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…” Spring storms are here, and April showers are flooding my yard.  If I had a garden (which I don’t have for this and other reasons), it would be flooded.  Washed away. Some days I love a good storm.  I can sleep better when it rains, and other…


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