Tapping Into Your Inner Duck Dynasty: How to Be Happy, Happy, Happy During the Holidays

Nolan Duck Dynasty

Someone on Facebook posed this question: “If we’re so thankful, why is it that the day after Thanksgiving, we’re all rushing out to get more of the “stuff” that the world says will make you happy?” Good question. We all think, “If I could just have _________, then I’d be happy!” or, “If I could…

When A Porcelain Throne Becomes A Throne of Grace

He Is Faithful--1 Thessalonians 5

It’s a good thing I don’t believe in coincidence or I might choose more carefully how I write. My last post was a clear message of faith over fear. Choosing to NOT worry.  Trusting God’s plan even when we don’t understand. Well here we are, 24 hours later, sitting in the Atlanta airport after a…

Winning the “What if?” Battle

Madagascar tree

So much of worry starts in a battle of the mind. Our thoughts consume us to the point that we start wondering if what could happen, probably is going to happen–and that’s why we can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s a vicious cycle of “What if?”, then “What would I do?”, to “How can I…

What DO Missionaries Do?!

Featured Image -- 3251

Originally posted on wateringcanblog:
“Why would anyone want to do that?” “What do they actually DO?” “Why would they go so far away from home?” “How long will they be gone?” The questions are endless, and most of the time I get excited for the chance to tell others about my missionary children. Other times I…


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