You’re A Good, Good Father

That song.

You know–the one you can’t get it out of your head–and yet, you don’t really want to.

“You’re a Good, Good Father, it’s Who You are…”

“…And I’m loved by You, it’s who I am.”  [Chris Tomlin]

Being a parent is the hardest, most rewarding job on the planet, and the reality is–

We all fail.  We fall down.  We mess up.  We make mistakes.

Yet, those littles still love us and want our approval.

We all feel inadequate sometimes.  Overwhelmed.

Yet, the love that we have for our children is



Yes, my father is a good one.  He was from a generation of really hard-working men. He would work 2-3 jobs to provide for his family and never let us go without.  He taught us the principles of hard work and discipline and consistency.  And we knew that he loved us, even if he didn’t say it often.  He could be tight and generous at the same time.  Economics demanded that he save and prepare for the unknown future, but out of love for us, he freely gave us everything we needed and more.

Fathers are often judged unfairly because they fail to be maternal.  We want them to be soft and emotional, but God created them to be the provider and leader of their homes.  This king of the jungle is reduced to a purring kitty cat that just needs petted and fed once in a while.

Unlike previous generations, men of this generation often have their authority questioned; their God-given mandate to lead perceived as a negative personality trait.

“So God created man in His own image; He created him in the image of God; He created them male and female.”  Genesis 1:27

Then He blessed them and gave them each their own responsibilities.  Responsibilities that were specific to their gender.  Women had babies.  Men provided.  As a result of the fall, both were given hard labor–ours in childbirth, theirs in working to provide for their families.

God in heaven calls Himself “Father” for a reason.  He is the only perfect Father, and He fills that role in a way that only He can:

He is compassionate and loving–He loves and He listens.

“The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry for help.”  Psalm 34:15

He Hears

He leads–He promises to show us way–we just have to be willing to follow.

“I will instruct you and show you the way to go; with My eye on you, I will give counsel.”  Psalm 32:8

Wreath 2

He provides–Desiring to give us so much more than material provisions, He pursues a personal, loving relationship that makes us feel safe.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.  How happy is the man who takes refuge in Him!  Fear the Lord, you His saints, for those who fear Him lack nothing.  Young lions lack food and go hungry, but those who seek the Lord will not lack any good thing.”  Psalm 34:8-10

He Provides

God the Father is “perfect in all of His ways to us”, even if the father you have in this world is not.  No earthly father could ever fill those shoes–and they shouldn’t be required to. Comparing the two only brings frustration.  Our earthly fathers were never intended to replace a relationship with God the Father.  He serves as an example, and only He can “know just what we need before we say a word”.

If you have never heard the song before, take time to listen to the words.  It’s a song that will probably get stuck in your head!

If possible, hug your Father today.  Or at least call him.

Either way, make time to thank your Heavenly Father for your earthly one.

I know am going to–

Love you, Dad!


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  1. I actually played the guitar and sang “Good Good Father” at my father’s funeral luncheon on July 27, 2016. It was quite special. I will be singing “Good Good Father” at my Life Group’s potluck while my son, Steven, signs the words in American Sign Language!


  2. “Good Good Father” is one of my favorite songs! I just met my Heavenly Father for the first time on March 17th, my twins birthday! I told Jesus that if His Father was any thing like my father, I wanted nothing to do with Him. But Jesus said, “If you have seen me, you have seen my Father.” WOW, now I understand just how much my Heavenly Father loves me! It is amazing! I am His Treasured Daughter! My father died on July 21, 2016. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to share the Gospel message with him some years back and he did pray to receive Jesus and the gift of salvation. My only regret is that I never knew the special relationship that a daughter should have with her father. You see, my father was abusive. He is with the Lord now. One day, we will have that special relationship.


      • Thank you, Vickie. I appreciate your prayers: that I be set free from the power the abuse has over my life, and that I can be made whole through the power of the Holy Spirit in order to live the abundant life God has for me!


  3. I love your blog! I did not know you had one! I definitely will follow you! Your new grandbaby is just precious and to be born on the mission field, just priceless! What a great family doing God’s work! Enjoy your time with them.


  4. Nice post. you are so luck to have your dad. I wish I could kiss him, hug him,and say that I love him but he’s gone. I just posted a post about my dad you might want to take a look and share with your kids. Happy father’s day to you and your dad!


  5. Great post! It’s so true how much is changing, but our Heavenly Father and His example never does. I love your graphics too; perfectly pinnable 😉
    I would just note that while I love how Chris Tomlin has brought attention to the song, the original by Housefires deserves an audience too. 🙂


  6. I actually did not like this song much at first but it has become one of my current favorites.


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