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My Most Popular PIN, Now a DIY Pillow

Life is not a fairytale…

…but we do all have dreams of “happily ever after“, so it’s no wonder that this is my #1 MOST PINNED on Pinterest BY FAR:

Love Gives Us a Fairytale

Not too surprising, since every little girl grows up dreaming that one day she will meet her prince charming. This is a stamp that I bought for a Disney Baby Shower that I was planning, and since it’s a small stamp, I decided to re-create it and turn it into a pillow for Valentine’s Day!

It is SUPER EASY– it’s just a kitchen towel that I purchased at Wal-Mart that happened to fit a travel pillow perfectly.

Tea Towels DIY

I used Rhonna Designs to create the template, imported it into a Word Document so I could flip it, and printed it onto an Avery t-shirt transfer sheet that you iron on.

Here’s my design, and I’m leaving my blog stamp off of it, if you’d like to save or print it. Β I’d just love to hear from you if you do!

1-Once in Awhile 1-15-2015 1-13-13 PM

After only two seams down each side and a little velcro to close, the pillow was finished and ready to find a home!

Valentine Pillow

envelope pillow

Here’s what I did with the second one:

XOXO pillow

Love is so much more than X’s and O’s, but when words aren’t enough, sometimes just a hug can go a long way to heal a heart or put a smile on our face.

Hugs and Kisses

Spread a little love today–tomorrow is never guaranteed.

This post is lovingly dedicated to our Uncle John on what would have been his 84th birthday. Β He passed away yesterday, leaving the love of his life, his wife of 61 years, Aunt Shirley, who he met one day and married the next!

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