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Lavender and Lemonade

I guess I’ve been an “old soul” since childhood, because I love and appreciate things from the past: books, quilts, doilies, embroidered hankies…


I am always mixing the old with the new.  I love finding new ideas, but there might just be a doily under it, or an old book beside it. :0)

Isn’t that the wonderful cycle of life?  The young learn from the old, and the old are rejuvenated by the young?


Appreciating and learning from our past, but looking forward to the future… we have a new grand baby on the way!

My daughter Rachel and I always seem to bring old and new together when we wrap our minds around an idea, and this one was no exception: a Vintage Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower for my son and daughter-in-law:


We continue to use Pinterest as a source of inspiration, and with Rachel’s vision and my practical skills, (they still had home economics and sewing classes when I was in H.S.!), we set our wheels in motion and brought the idea to life.

It all started with the idea of lavender and lemonade,


…and from there erupted the vintage nursery rhyme theme.



I LOVE using my Adobe Photoshop to create the nursery rhymes and other prints to make it even more personal:



One of my favorite finds was the wood calendar that we set at her due date:  May 20

2014 03 09

…and here’s the lemonade!  (I had saved some of the bottles previously–the rest I waited until the day before to empty, wash and label so that I could serve the frappuccino at the shower.


I can’t tell you how fun this was, or how excited I am that we have another little one entrusted to our care.

Being a grandparent really is as wonderful as everyone told us it would be.

Congratulations Josiah and Allison!  We can’t wait to meet this precious girl!

Disclaimer: I post a DIY occasionally to encourage you to be creative:  It doesn’t take a lot of money to make something beautiful out of the things God has blessed you with… just look around you and be inspired!  Feel free to copy or print any time you want!


“Sons are indeed a heritage from the Lord, children, a reward.”  Psalm 127:3

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  1. I was happy to attend the shower and see all this lovliness. So creative and pretty. Great job vickie and rachel.


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